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How to protect yourself from real estate scams

An investment in the swiss real estate sector can be cost-effective under several profiles, but, sometimes, especially if you do not want to rely on qualified and professional people, can be lead itself to a deception. Unfortunately, they are numerous the scams that are well-known by journalists and that they are organized to trick the buyers of real estate in Switzerland. Here are, therefore, some valid...

How much does it cost to live in Zurich

Very lively cultural landscape, excellent infrastructures and high quality of life make Zurich a very popular destination, but inevitably make house prices rise. Regarding the Swiss real estate market, Zurich is undoubtedly one of the most expensive cities. Together with Geneva, it is the place where buying or renting a house costs significantly more than other cities. Although the real estate market...

Moving – Useful tips

When you buy a property with the intent to use it as your primary home, permanently or for a limited period, it is important to look at practical issues that a possible relocation may require.Proper planning is of course essential for everything to be done as efficiently and effectively as possible, minimizing the stress that such an important passage can sometimes cause, especially in households with...

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