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How much does it cost to live in Zurich

Very lively cultural landscape, excellent infrastructures and high quality of life make Zurich a very popular destination, but inevitably make house prices rise.
Regarding the Swiss real estate market, Zurich is undoubtedly one of the most expensive cities. Together with Geneva, it is the place where buying or renting a house costs significantly more than other cities.
Although the real estate market touches record figures in both cities, in Zurich it is possible to find apartments and villas significantly bigger than those available in the city that hosts the European headquarters of the UN. Let’s see together in detail the prices of houses for sale and for rent in Zurich.
Surface of apartments in Zurich
Although, as in any other Swiss city, it is possible to find apartments and villas of any size, the real estate market in Zurich offers properties that measure on average 80/82 square meters. The rather large surface of houses in Zurich contrasts with the equally limited surface of apartments in Geneva, another expensive city.
Rent and buy a house in Zurich
For who is thinking of moving to the Swiss city, it could be useful to know that renting a house in Zurich costs an average of 30 francs per square meter (approximately 27.5/28 euros m/q).
Unlike many other European cities, houses for rent in Zurich are usually offered unfurnished. Anyway, there are furnished apartments for rent in Zurich, ideal especially for who is looking for a house for short periods of time.
If, on the other hand, you are thinking of buying a house in the Swiss town for moving, for holidays or as an investment, it is important to know that the price/square meter for an apartment in Zurich is on average 11.800 Swiss francs (about 10.900 euros per square meter). Regarding the purchase of houses in Zurich (as in the rest of Switzerland) as an investment by non-residents, there are some limits imposed by the Swiss State that we will analyze later.
Obviously, the above figures are not fixed parameters, as there are many factors that, together with the square footage, contribute to the price. Among these:

• area where the property is located

• finishes of the apartment

• construction standards

• year of construction

• private garden or terrace

Regarding the area where the property is located, it should be noted that Zurich is divided into 12 districts (also known as Stadtkreise). Each of them is characterized by a name and a number.
The neighborhoods 1 and 2, for example, are the closest to the historic center. The demand for houses for rent in these neighborhoods is very high, although it should be kept in mind that very often these are houses of smaller sizes than those generally available in more peripheral areas.
Still in the city center area, it is also possible to keep an eye on apartments for sale or for rent in the Kreis5 district. Located near the university, it was once considered one of the poorest neighborhoods, but in recent years it has undergone a major redevelopment. The lofts, apartments and commercial premises that gradually settled in the neighborhood contributed to a significant increase in the value of the real estate.
Moving slightly to the suburbs, on the other hand, it is possible to find excellent solutions with apartments for sale and for rent in Zurich – Kreise 3. The Wiedikon district is rich of green and picnic areas, where you can breathe a familiar atmosphere. Many of the apartments for sale and for rent in Zurich-Wiedikon have been recently renovated and represent the ideal solution for who wants to benefit from all the comforts of the nearby city center, without renouncing to live in close contact with nature.
Moving to neighborhood 4 – Aussersihl you can find one of the most multicultural and lively areas of the Swiss city. Buying or renting a property in Zurich – Aussersihl could be the perfect solution for who always wants to have something to do or see. There is no shortage of attractions in this dynamic neighborhood.
Buying a house in Zurich for investment: the rules to know
If you are thinking of buying a house in Zurich as an investment in the real estate market, it can certainly help you to know that the demand for apartments for rent in the Swiss city is really high. In fact, population growth is concentrated right around the city and about 60% of residents do not own a home.
This makes buying an apartment in Zurich certainly an excellent form of investment. However, there are some rules imposed by the Swiss State that could limit this possibility. In particular, the purchase is allowed to who has lived and worked in Switzerland for 5/10 years (depending on the country of origin) and consequently has a residence permit C.
People who are in Switzerland with an employment contract of a minimum duration of one year, or who can claim other income suitable for their support (with residence permit B), can buy a property to be used exclusively for their own residence.
A final consideration must be made for who has a G permit (the so-called cross-border workers who work in Switzerland). They can purchase a secondary residence in the area in which they work, but cannot rent it out.
These limitations only concern residential buildings. Anyone wishing to invest in commercial buildings in Zurich can do it without taking into account the aforementioned limitations.
Notwithstanding the above, it is still possible to buy a house in Zurich for investment, obtaining prior cantonal authorization.

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