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How to furnish house with good taste and classy: 10 tips

After have read several swiss real estate listings, did you finally manage to buy your dream house? Congratulation, now you have to prepare yourself at best to furnish with good taste and classy your new home in Switzerland: here are 10 tips to do it in the best way!

1)Start with a pre-defined budget

It is not properly a style rule, but set a pre-defined budget before start to furnish your house in Switzerland is certainly a good start: this not only will help you to have an idea more precise about what you can buy and what not, but it will also prevent you to fall in love with a complement that you can not afford it. Of course, after have fixed the budget, it is also necessary to respect it and not blow (if not very little) the limit that you have established.

2) Good taste and functionality

Living in Switzerland is synonym of order and freedom: if you have already searched real estate rent in Lugano or real estate rent in Zürich, you will have found for sure several houses inspired to these two standards. Well, for your house, in turn, you will have to observe them, by dedicating the right space to your needs. This means that, for the furniture of your house, you should pay attention not only to your esthetic taste, but also to your special needs. If, for example, you like to invite frequently friends for dinner, then it could be useful buy a large table or a kitchen capable to pop out a great number of dishes. On the contrary, if you prefer to enjoy your house by yourself, then it is better to choose items that create the right atmosphere, like a beautiful bathtub or a living room inspired to the absolute comfort!

3) Draw inspiration from the colours of nature

Pick the right colours for its own house is ever important, but it is even more for your new home in Switzerland. If you follow the flat sale in Zürich or in Lugano, you might have noticed the recurrence of some specific colour shading: the warm colors of the mountains, the light blue of the lake, the green of the hills. You can draw inspiration from the swiss nature to choose pieces of furniture and colors of the walls creatively. The alternatives on your offer are numerous. For example, you can choose a classic furnishing, with light and pastel colours like yellow or green, then insert bright elements to give a splash of color. Otherwise, you can play with the polychromism, by following the rule of the color wheel. It is a technique that focuses on the connection between similar and mixed colours. In this case, you should identify a main color and use it for the most part of your furniture, then try to side it with similar colours to fill the spaces and leave aside a portion dedicated to the contrasting tone, like purple, emerald and others bright or more gloomy colours. To never make mistakes, in any case, it is important to choose colors that can not get tired. For example, during the choice of the colors of the walls, you should pay attention to the colours too bright (unless they are your favorite), because otherwise you would run the risk of getting bored after a while.

4) Pay attention to the details

When you want furnish the house with good taste and classy, the first step to do is certainly choose the main elements of the furniture between items with a pre-defined style. Therefore, it is right to pay attention to pieces of furniture like cabinets, beds and couches, which represent the heart of their respective rooms. However, the true classy touch of a sophisticated furniture is represented by the attention to detail: the smallest and less important items are those that give uniqueness to the home, making it really fancy. For example, objects like handles, shelves, pots, coat hooks, are not only necessary, but they can be choosen with designs, forms and colours that can give originality to your home. For this reason, the attention to detail goes also through the inclusion of a centerpiece, like a tapestry, a carpet or a picture that, if placed with naturalness in the furniture and in central position, they can give personality to the rooms. Be aware, however, to not exaggerate with them: enrich excessively the home with knick-knacks and lumbering elements can also be risky and produce the opposite effect, decreasing the right attention from those elements that, on the contrary, you would like to bring out.

5) Enhance qualities and hide flaws

Even if the house that you have chosen between the swiss real estate listings is the greatest, the biggest or the most exposed to the sun or with a lovely view, surely a defect, although minimal, there will be. For this reason, as well as enhance the qualities of your home, by choosing the right furniture you can also hide flaws through some small tricks. If, for example, your rental property in Lugano grabbed your heart with its balcony on the lake, but it is too small, you can correct this flaw by pointing over an open space, reducing the doors or eliminating bulky pieces of furniture. On the contrary, if your house is too gloomy, you can increase its functionality by choosing light colours for the walls, inserting prints and textiles in some corners of the rooms to enhance the warmth of the environment, and so on: it does not take much to enhance qualities and hide efficiently flaws.

6) Focus on harmony and reception

Are you already full of ideas for your home? Did you plan carefully the furniture of every room? In every case, the suggestion that we can give you is that of not forget the overviews, avoiding the risk of not make complementary the various rooms between them. The aim of a classy furnishing, in fact, remains that of make comfortable your house in Switzerland in every environment. For example, to create harmony without renounce to the good taste, put you similar items close together, like bottles and coloured pots, cushions and pictures: these elements increase their good effect if used in group. By the other side, checking out excessively the sundry pieces of furniture in the house to achieve a perfect symmetry may not be ever the great choice: it is also necessary to not exaggerate and point to the originality, perhaps by inserting a quirky complement to give more vitality to the furniture.

7) Dose the creativity

Furnish with good taste and classy your new home goes through a limitation of sundry ideas that you thought too: in fact, do not exaggerate! Overloading the rooms with too many elements, or trying to create strange alchemies between types of styles that are too different between them, it would be not only risky, but also would get you a bad and confusing result. But beware, this does not mean that you can not mix different styles, like classic and contemporary, or leave the home too sparse: if made in small doses, these changes can express effectively your originality.

8) The green thumb

Houses like flats to buy in Zürich and those to rent in Lugano are immersed into a lush and colorful nature: bring a touch of green inside your home, with pots and plants, represents the best manner to express elegance, warmth and joy.

9) Lights

Equally, the light management is essential to give to the home the desired atmosphere. In this connection, it is preferable to avoid lights too bright or originating from different angles and, on the contrary, not skimp in the choice of fashion light sources (like table lamps, abat-jours, floor lamps and so on).

10) Follow your taste

Those that we have given until now are only tips to furnish with good taste and classy your home. Of course, follow trends and suggestions that not fully reflect your personality risks to determine a confusing result or, even worst, a domestic environment that will be not confortable for those who will then have to live there. That is why it is crucial, in every case, choose a style in line with your personality: vintage, minimal, rustic, and so on, the secret of a well managed furnishing is to dose in the best way all the inspirations that you found here and also adapt them in the best way with your taste.

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